Are you going to be single older women for the whole life?

single older women

Are you going to be single older women for the whole life?

You are now single, you seem like enjoy your single life very much, but is it true? You never worry about it before? Do you really don’t care who is your future spouse? Are you satisfied with your condition now and going to be single older women for the whole life?

1) Do you clean your room so that it looks tidy and neat?
A. Yes → 2
B. No → 3

2) Do you go out alone during your free time?
A. Yes → 4
B. No → 5

3) You always talk to your parents?
A. Yes → 5
B. No → 7

4) When you attend to your friend’s party, do you mind not having a dancing partner?
A. Yes → 8
B. No → 9

5) You have more than three best friends?
A. Yes → 9
B. No → 10

6) Are you always being late?
A. Yes → 9
B. No → 10

7) Do you think that woman need to do more house chores?
A. Yes → 10
B. No → 11

8) Are you going to speed dating often?
A. Yes → 12
B. No → 14

9) Do you have a secret crush on someone?
A. Yes → 12
B. No → 13
10) You are single when you see couple, do you feel envy?
A. Yes → 13
B. No → 15

11) Do you go for shopping or movie alone often?
A. Yes → 14
B. No → 15

12) Do you feel uncomfortable when your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend get married with others?
A. Yes → C Type
B. No → A Type

13) When there are friends with opposite sex, do you tend to be excited and like to perform yourself?
A. Yes → A Type
B. No → D Type

14) You are cautious about your saving?
A. Yes → B Type
B. No → C Type

15) You often imagine your own life?
A. Yes → C Type
B. No → D Type

Test Results:

A Type: You are a happy person with extrovert personality. You dream for sweet love life, single is not something you want. You look forward to have one you love, you will end your single life once you meet someone you like. You get ready to be in a sweet relationship.

B Type: You are able to live independently; other distraction will mess up your living style. You are very demanding on your dream life, although you can hardly list out the standard, but still it is difficult for someone to walk into your heart, to make you leave your single life. You have the high possibility to not getting married.

C Type: You have a traditional thought, and the way you think is not matching with the society nowadays, this make you hard to accept it. Although you long for happy marriage life, but you think that it can only be achieved if someone put effort on it. Thus, you are not willing to be single older women and you try hard to mend it. You might lower down your standard to make sure you end your single life.

D Type: You are reserved and introverted, you hide your feeling deep inside and seems like dislike marriage life. You immerse yourself in your inner world and enjoy the happiness and calmness for being single older women. People think that you are unsociable and mysterious. Unless there is a person can conquer you with charisma, otherwise you will live in your own world for the rest of your life.


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