To know how is your social responsibility of business?

social responsibility of business

To know how is your social responsibility of business?

During weekend, you go to a park to have some leisure time. Usually where would you choose to sit?


A.    Sit on a bench that can see people come and go

B.    Lakeside with willow

C.     Pavilion with sunshade

D.    Under a dense tree


Test Results:


A.    You often carry all the responsibilities without reason even though it is not your scope to cover. It is no big deal if you are willing to do so. But if you feel uncomfortable because of all these unreasonable responsibilities, you should learn how to reject or express your opinion to protest.

B.    You are a responsible person, but you will not carry those which are not under your coverage scope. As long as it is your responsibility, or the mistake had made, you will try your best to rectify it. If someone wants you to carry the responsibilities that you supposed not to, they need to offer you some benefit to convince you.

C.     You know how to play petty tricks to seek for help from others. Once something bad happens, the solution you found is to seek for help from someone. Of course, it is also a way to be responsible. However, someone might think that you are trying to push the responsibility to others. Thus, when you handle thing, you should show the attitude of willingness to responsible. Try to solve the problem yourself to avoid being criticised by others.

D.    You dislike when people assign you the responsibility. As long as it is the task with significant responsibility, you will try your best to reject the task. It doesn’t mean that you are not responsible; this is because you think that you are liable once you promised to take the responsibility. Thus, you try to avoid it as hard as you can.



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