What are your best social roles?

social roles

What are your best social roles?

If you can choose a dream, which dream would you like to have?


A.    Intimate with someone

B.    Winning prize of lottery everyday

C.     Be a president to govern a country

D.    Be an international superstar


Test Results:


A.    Your best role is to be a parent. You are a caring person. Especially to your children, you are willing to live frugally to give them the best things, best education, best life and best manners. You think of your children always. For those who chose this answer, you were born with parental love. Your children are blessed to have you as their parent.

B.    Your best role is to be children. You are very filial to put your parent in the first place in your life, although you think that friends are important too. You will fulfil your parent’s needs, no matter in term of money or spiritual. You are really filial and obedient if you chose this answer.

C.     Your best role is to be a good friend. You value kindness and you will try to help when people need it, regardless it is your best friend or just a stranger. Actually, you treat friendship importantly; you will stand out boldly to solve the problem if you see someone is hurt or weak. No matter your friends or stranger, they will be happy with your presence.

D.    You are good to be a lover. You are serious in your career and a respectable parent. But being in a relationship will be your weak spot. You are willing to do anything for your lover no matter how they torture you. You are a good lover if you chose this answer.



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