See your social skills and competences from drinking coffee

social skills and competences

Social ability is an essential ability for a social person. Having good social skills, dealing with good relations, can make you work like a duck. Is your social skills and competences good enough? From a ordering coffee, you can see it.


Begin the Test:

If you drink coffee with your colleagues, you always like cappuccino. When ordering, colleagues first order cappuccino. So what do you say to the waiter next?

A) I’ll have the same

B) I want cappuccino too

C) Cappuccino

D) I want a cup of nestle

E) Two cappuccino


Test Result:

Choose A:      You can get along well with people and they will coordinate interpersonal relationships. However, sometimes you will be complacent and will be too good for others, but they will not be taken seriously.


Choose B:      Your introverted personality is not good at expressing yourself. You always think too much about doing things, so you can’t always get the initiative, always be passive, and have weak social skills.


Choose C:      You are a self-determined person, self-conscious and stubborn. Your character is not conducive to getting along with people. Your social ability is average.


Choose D:      You are very persistent and very proud. You always have the idea of competing with others. You always feel that you are superior. Others do not like to deal with you. Your social skills are poor.


Choose E:       You often have the initiative to get along with people, sometimes you may be preempted by others, but you absolutely have your own opinions, and very insistent. Your social skills are sometimes good and sometimes very poor.


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