What is something very ugly that you unwilling to admit

something very ugly

What is something very ugly that you unwilling to admit

You run a shop specializing in selling dessert. There are various options and special taste of desserts. Therefore, the business is still good although it has been in operation for more than 5 years. Now, there is a new dessert shop in the next street. They have adopted a low-price strategy, which has greatly affected your business. What would you do?

A.    Lower the price of dessert

B.    Develop more new flavours

C.     Observe it for a while

D.    Decide to end the business and switch to another job

Test Results:

A.    You are a sly person. You may not do something bad, but you are not honest enough. The people around you couldn’t tell what your weaknesses are, but they also couldn’t tell what your strengths are. You seem to be busy for yourself every day and don’t care about the lives of others.

B.    You always escape from reality. When someone is questioning your abilities, criticizing you, or giving you some difficult tasks, you won’t say no, but the truth is that you feel really uncomfortable with all these. You don’t want to look for ways to solve the problem or to face the problem, so can only escape. It makes you look like a coward.

C.     You often make excuses for yourself and shift the blame to others. You pretend like you are the only victim. If you keep escaping from the responsibility and shift the blame to others, you will end up hurting yourself. Your true colours will eventually be revealed. Thus, please learn to be responsible.

D.    You like to take advantage of others and you are happy with it as you think you win the others. You like to take advantage of others because of your own desire to win. You may not notice or pretend not to know about it, but that is what keeps you from succeeding.


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