Know which kind of person you are from the way you spend time together

spend time together

Know which kind of person you are from the way you spend time together

What will you do when you are agitated and boring?

A.    Having a long phone call, to change the mood

B.    Go to sleep

C.     Take a shower before going out

D.    Go to shopping

E.     Eat many delicious food

F.     Get mad to someone

G.    Throw things

H.    Have a smoke and stay quite

I.      Play mahjong with friends, or have fun with a bunch of friends

J.      Clean and tidy up the rooms and wardrobe

Test Results:

A.    You are not assertive. Your life values are depending on the others.  You should make more friends to have them lead you unconsciously. You are good in socializing and treat friendship importantly, thus you need supports from friendship and family.

B.    You get frustrated easily. When there is a problem, you will try to escape, otherwise, you will seek for help from others. You dislike thinking, you believe that the problem will disappear if it is been ignored. You are a kind hearted person who always think in a simple way.

C.     You are an entrepreneur. It is better to discover your talent and get yourself a suitable job, because you gain happiness and joy when you work hard. You like to exercise like jogging and gym to keep yourself be in the best condition. You will succeed if you get a right job.

D.    You live depends on your appearance. A better appearance can give you more self-confident. At the same time, you feel perfect about life when you are living in a rich material life. What you really need are affirmation and compliment from others.

E.     You are the happy go lucky type pf person. Your emotion will not be affected by others. You think that one should not feel worry for tomorrow and just do whatever you want as long as you are happy.

F.     You gained excessive permissiveness from others. Thus, you are good and talented in some fields. You are not good in competing but you do well in arguing with others. Thus, you tend to lost your temper easily. You hope to gain attention from other just like a main character. You will only keep moving in your career, relationship and marriage if all these go according to your plan.

G.    You tend to take action impulsively and can be defeated easily. You always think that people don’t know you well. In fact, you don’t really know yourself too. You think you are well-behaved, but actually, you are emotionally instable and over confident. Your personalities cause you not willing to face your weaknesses.

H.    You just endure everything without sharing to anyone what is inside your mind. You hope to show a good image and not willing to disturb others to share your feeling. Due to this, people did not know that you are sentimental type. In addition, you are also a responsible person.

I.      You won’t let yourself distracted by worries and problems. You know how to seek for help from friends to settle your problems. You can’t live without friends and same does to your friends too. Even though there are a lot of untruthful person around you, but you don’t mind about it, as long as everyone is happy.

J.      You are a positive in doing something. You are able to handle troublesome affairs, it means that you are patient enough. You will not give up easily when you face difficulties. You will figure out solutions and wait for a right timing to solve the problem. You are very particular in work efficiency and you are stable in your relationship.


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