What is your split personality?

split personality

What is your split personality?

If you are superstar Madonna, what would make you happy the most?

A.    Get your children a good father

B.    Disallow your mother in law to attend your wedding

C.     Create trendy fashion topic

D.    Buy the whole airport

Test Results:

A.    Subconsciously, your another personality is the over thinking type. Relationship is your weakness. As long as it is something to do with your relationship, your life will be in a mess.

B.    Subconsciously, your another personality is the person that is greedy for small advantage. Petty advantage can make you feel excited. You think that people should enjoy the pleasure in every little moment. You would be delighted if you found somewhere to save money.

C.     Subconsciously, you are a playful person. You treat career and life as a game to let yourself be joyful always. You value spiritual life, thus you always let yourself feel happy no matter what are you doing.

D.    You are the type of person that will take action to defend for injustice. When you found something unfair, you could not help but take part in the issue to right mistake. You are a righteous person and possess skills to get things settled in a good manner.


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