Spy on your love

Spy on

Spy on your love

When you meet someone who has no public morality in public, what kind of behaviour do you think is the most unbearable?

A: Non-compliance with traffic rules
B: Littering or messing up
C: Let the pets poop
D: Loud, making noise, or making phone calls while watching a movie


A: You will cry when you fall out of love, but as long as new love appears, you will be happy again. You are also very good at secret love, you like this model and enjoy it. Your love object may have multiple people, and people from all fields of work may become your love objects.

B: For love, you are an idealist and have high demands on each other. Because you love yourself, you usually try to cultivate your inner and outer. You have to find someone who can match you, in addition to the soul of the fit, it is also best to have a good appearance. Finding your ideal lover is a super difficult task.

C: You are a person who takes the actual route. The money and the conditions of the other party are the criteria for deciding whether or not to fall in love, so you are unlikely to fall in love with people who do not meet the conditions, so as not to waste time. Your idea is that since there is no future between the two people, don’t delay each other. You like a normal love life.

D: You are an uncritical person, you will appreciate the advantages of most people, but you can’t see their shortcomings, so you will not refuse to actively pursue your object. If you have the opportunity, you will interact with each other. Even if you don’t like each other, as long as he works hard, you may accept this relationship. You are passive in love, come and refuse, be careful to waste precious youth time


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