Are you a stingy man?

stingy man

Are you a stingy man in the life? Are you cheap or generous to your friends and family? Everyone’s personality is quite different. Let’s take a look with the following testing to see whether you are a stingy man or not in your life.


Begin the Test:

If you you’re going to your friend’s house, after dinner it was very late, the bus station is already closed, and it take an hour to walk back to your house. What will you do then?

A): Lesson to the friend’s suggestion, call your family and tell them you are not going home tonight

B): Walk home

C): Call a taxi home

D): Naturally spend the night at the friend’s house


Test Result:

Choose A:         You knows how to evaluate the situation, you have a good social relationship. You are a frugal person, will not do anything wasteful.


Choose B:         You like to help others, but if you can’t get any in return in terms, you will get mad. But you knows how to put on a mask, so you seems generous on the outside, but everything you do is careful calculated.


Choose C:         You are a typical type of people who like to spend money. And, you are not good at planning. So often time, you will casually spend money for the first half of the month, and can only eat remen noodles because you out of money for the rest of month. You are very generous, you will always help when a friend asks, don’t have any economic concepts.


Choose D:       You have your own idea, and it’s hard for people to change your mind. You have a very open minded economic concept, you treat yourself good, buy whatever you like.


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