How good is your strain hardening capacity?

strain hardening

How good is your strain hardening capacity?

Your mother found your bank statement in your drawer and gave you a call to accuse you of overspent. What would be your answer?


A.    I don’t mind the price as long as I like it. I got a lot of satisfaction once I bought the thing.

B.    I will call you back later, the signal is not good as the car is going into the tunnel

C.     I just want to compensate myself because I am be crossed in love


Test Results:


A.    You are a quick thinker. A good communication skill is your weapon to achieve your purpose. You need no preparation as you can give respond on the spot. You are confident enough and leave no room for other to refute what you had said. You can try to reduce the usage of sarcastic words, instead, add in some humour to avoid people being frightened.

B.    You like to think thoroughly before taking any actions. If someone talks to you with the words of sardonic, you will stammer immediately. Although you try very hard to think of a way to fight back, but you failed eventually. You are not good in speaking spontaneously. However, you can be talky and shut the others mouth unless you are given more time to think about what to tell. Unfortunately, it is too late. Although you have endless reason and truth to be told, but it would not show your intelligence. Don’t think that it is low standard if you speak imperfect sentences. The most important thing is to respond immediately. The way of speaking can be practiced later.

C.     You are slow in reacting. You often feel shy and lack of self-confidence. When you are in a situation that needs spontaneous response, you can only have a blurry concept in your mind but you are lack of courage to let the words out. In fact, you might have an active mind that is beyond the thought of others. The only thing is you are not confident to compete against the others. If you want to train your courage, you can try to debate with the people around you. It can be your mother, or your best friend. After a period of time, you will be able to speak fluently not matter who you facing with.


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