Stress survey: How will you deal with your working stress

Stress survey

Stress survey: How will you deal with your working stress

If you are a writer, the copyreader of a publisher urges you for your article, at the same time, you are in a very busy situation. What would you do?

A. Promise the copyreader and try to produce the article no matter how busy you are
B. Promise the copyreader, but you will release your emotion first before start writing
C. You have to do so although you are not willing, but you will delay the submission of article to the copyreader
D. Don’t care, anyhow I won’t be affected

Test Results:

A. You get used to bear the pressure your own. Even though how busy you are, you don’t want to disturb other peoples to help you. By doing this, you can make yourself become tougher in a short term. But in a long run, this may hurt yourself. You can demand yourself to get the things done perfectly, but you are advised to get yourself few days to rest and enjoy yourself. After the relaxing time, you can recover and concentrate on your work again.

B. There are many things that you can start to do earlier, but you choose to do it at the last minutes. Although you might have the confident the complete the task, but it us very dangerous, just like someone walking on a steel wire. Bear in mind that not to be emotional, maintain a stable work and rest time and make it as a habit. This will eliminate the stress with stress survey.

C. When you face stress, you don’t know how to get rid of it but you are not willing to let go. This bring harm to you as you feel tired of it and the things are still undone. You are advised not to be too stubborn. Sometimes, you can do something easy and small to make yourself not to be too tense. Before you handle things, you need to handle your emotion first.

D. You tend to escape when you face stress. But escaping doesn’t help to settle the problem and stress is still there. Please beware that escape can become a habit easily. You might not be able to handle small matter if you keep escaping. You should learn to face problem with a positive manner and settle the problem carefully.


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