Do you have a strong desire?

strong desire

Some people’s desire is just like a deep valley which can not be filled, while some people has no desire for the life. So what kind of person do you belong to? Are you one of those people with strong desire? The test below shall tell you the answer.


Begin the Test:

If you’re going to a buffet dinner, when the waitress come to your side carrying glasses of wine, which one will you choose?

A): Tell the waitress to bring you an empty glass, you want to mix your own drink

B): The glass is half full

C): The glass is mostly full

D): The glass is entirely full


Test Result:

Choose A:         You are a person with a very strong desire, a desire for everything. For an example, you’ll never think there’s enough money no matter how much you make,  and doesn’t matter how much you have you are still very cheap person. Your desire makes you hard to be happy.


Choose B:         Your cautious overcome your desires. Because of this cautious, you don’t get yourself in trouble. You know when to stop. Therefore you can very well control your desires.


Choose C:         You think and ask too much for everything. That give you a very strong self-control power and it will not let you getting into danger games because of your desire


Choose D:         You are very greedy, you want everything that is good in this world. Your desire is extremely strong. Sometimes you’re even getting yourself into danger and crimes because of your desire and it’s hard to understand. Recommend you to control your greed that’s how you become happier



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