The possibility for you to sucess in your career


The possibility for you to sucess in your career

Finally, it is a rest day after a hectic and busy working life. You spent a night to plan how to spend the rest day. Lastly, what is your decision?

A. Clean the room
B. Go to book shop and get some book to recharge yourself
C. Meet some friends and have a long chat with them
D. Go to shopping alone and buy some clothes for yourself

Test Results:

A. Easy and carefree type
You have low possibility to sucess in your life. Your “pace” is your strength and also your weakness at the same time. It will affect your aggressiveness in your career. You don’t have any desire to be successful in life. For you, career is not the most important thing in your life. Sunbathing during winter, enjoy see breeze at the beach, sweating in a exercise court or gaping in a room can also make you feel happy.

B. Warrior like a lion
You have high possibility to success in your career. Whatever you do, you will do it with your best effort. However, abilities and shills are not the only key to success. Being affirm by your superior and co-workers are very important too.

C. Get to know more friends
You have the possibility to success as you get promoted in direct proportion to your age. You care much about your interpersonal circle, because you know that interpersonal circle is very important. Although social connection is important, but self-improvement counts too.

D. Warrior like a fox
You wish to success very strongly. If you always show your determination to eliminate your colleagues and superior to be successful, then you can hardly success. This kind of attitude is the obstacle for you to success.


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