What is your reaction if you won the super lotto?

super lotto

What is your reaction if you won the super lotto?

You had bought a lottery ticket, and you discovered you won the prize for five millions dollars. What would be your reaction?


A.    Scream with laughter

B.    Could not help but jump up

C.     Hold the ticket tightly

D.    Just stand still


Test Results:


A.    You rarely show your emotion in your face. Regardless you are happy or angry, you might only show part of it in your face, people can hardly know your feeling by guess. You repress your feeling and show a stable appearance. Your emotion outburst could be happened anytime; causing people don’t know what to do to the sudden outburst.

B.    People can know your sorrow and happiness in your face because you cannot hide your feeling. A little thing can please you or make you sad; but you recover very fast. Other than that, you couldn’t tell lie at all. People can easily see through your lie as you look different from usual.

C.     You are a social type of person. You treat the communication among each other importantly. Thus, you are a having a good interpersonal relationship with others. You value money very much, so don’t let money matter influence your friendship.

D.    You are emotional where sometimes you seem active, but sometimes you seem lonely. Your emotion and be easily influence by the compliment or criticize by others. In short, you are a sensitive person.



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