Temperament Test for You

temperament test

Temperament Test for You

If you know in advance that your boy / girl friend is going to visit you, what would you display to show your personality to leave a good impression?


A.    Doll or model toy

B.    Cosy cushion or sofa

C.     Your photo

D.    Poster or book shelf


Test Results:


A.    Normally, you will care about things happening around you and concern about the emotion about your friends. However, you love yourself the most. Of course, it supposed to be like that. Only when you know your own needs, you will know what others need. When you have your things settled before give a hand to others, people will appreciate your kindness.

B.    Most of the people are self-centred because they treat themselves importantly, but this never happens to you. You feel for others and willing to things for people. You have a mature image just like elder brother or sister. You can only act like a kid in front of our family or lover.

C.     Everyone is very nice to you and treats you like a little brother or sister, and you are used to it. You wish to gain attention in a group and let other know what is in your mind. Or you hope that people will support and help you when they are asked to. Of course, not all your wishes come true. Once you are rejected, the person rejected you will be one of the disfavour person in your list.

D.    You are alert and able to know other’s thoughts easily. You will purposely perform yourself in order to be popular. You are willing to share your happiness to the people around you. You will let the person know you feel disgusted if the person go against you.

E.     the people around you and the. You handle thing straight forward without consider. You always take action impulsively causing complaint by others. People will not appreciate what you had done even though you are doing good deeds.

F.     You are afraid of being rejected because you have high self-esteem. You do things cautiously and unable to accept shocking facts.

G.    You handle things prudently and always leave some leeway. At the same time, you might lose many opportunities because you consider too much and unable to make a big decision.



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