What kind of temptation definition you can not refuse?

temptation definition

In this big world, there are temptations everywhere. Do you want to know which temptation definition you can not refuse? Maybe you can take this test to know the details in your heart. It will be better for you to know how to do a good relationship with others.


Begin the Test:

When you are in an upscale restaurant, there is a sign in the lobby stated no smoking. However, the person sitting at the next table is smoking. What will you do to stop him/her?

A): Try to get his/her attention by coughing

B):Get the waitress to tell he/she

C): Hold back and doesn’t say anything

D):Go over to his/her table and tell he/she


Test Result:

Choose A:         You can’t resist sweet talk. Because you are craving to love and be loved. You will only start a love relationship with the right feelings.


Choose B:         You have a principle for everything, and will follow those standards. Because of this, even you are tempered under some situation, you will quickly snap out of it.


Choose C:         You can’t handle continuous attack. In reality, you can’t reject someone or something that continuously badger you.


Choose D:       You have a very strong self-respect, very competitive. Most time, you will be tempted because of your self-respects.



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