Know who you want to pour out from the dream

the dream

Know who you want to pour out from the dream

Sleep is very important, but it can be tiring to be haunted by nightmares every night. Who are you most afraid to see in your dreams?


A.    Tough teacher

B.    Fierce police

C.     Ex-lover broke up unhappy

D.    Creditor


Test Results:


A.    When you are frustrated, you want to find someone to talk to. You are a blessed person as there are a few trusted friends around you who can share all your joys and sorrows. You should be grateful to have these friends to calm your mood. However, sometimes you have to share some happy news, to avoid your friends to immerse themselves in your grief.

B.    When you want to talk to someone, you will choose the right time and the right person first and make sure it does not bother them. Because of your understanding, people don’t think it is a nuisance to listen to you. Instead, they are willing to share your worries. You also know the importance of the spiritual pillar, so you will be a good listener when your friends need you.

C.     You are a sensitive person. It hurts you although it is just something told unintentionally. You don’t want to disturb others, so you just bear it alone. Until you meet someone you can talk to, you will let it out. So an ordinary friend can’t understand your inner pain. Only the people closest to you can really know how you feel.

D.    You are concern about face-saving. If someone embarrassed you, you will keep thinking about it. But your ego is so strong that you don’t react in front of people and you hide your emotions. So, no one has ever seen your fragile side, because you hide them well.


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