Are you the fool in the eyes of your boss?

the fool

Are you the fool in the eyes of your boss?

There is an old woman being killed in a street. You are a famous detective, what would be the criminal tool?
A. Chopper
B. Axe
C. Fruit knife

Test Results:

A. You perform badly in your workplace. Your boss cannot abide you any longer. You are not only the fool in your boss’s eyes, your boss might want to fire you as soon as possible. Although your boss expects you to do well, but what you did is only worth 10 to 20 marks. If you don’t put effort to improve yourself, you will be the next to get fired.

B. You are serious in your job. But sometimes your boss is angry and amused at the same time because of your careless personality. This kind of person can perform very well in their workplace. But they tend to be lazy and careless in their daily life. In the eyes of boss, they are just like a child who never grow.

C. Your boss appreciates you very much because you are smart and obedient. Boss usually is satisfied with your performance. This kind of person not only having good working ability, they can interact well with other peoples too. They will become more and more important for their boss.


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