Do you have the manner?

the manner

People who have the manner are more open-minded. They are more willing to accept different ideas, and that will advance their development. Do you want to know if you have the manner in your heart? Let’s take a look the test question below.


Begin the Test:

It’s raining outside, you need to pick an umbrella. But unfortunately, all the umbrella are broken, so which one will you pick?

A): The one with the big hole

B): The one with small holes

C): The one with bend handle

D): The one with short handle


Test Result:

Choose A:         Naturally, the one with the big hole will not protect you from the rain. But, you don’t really mind. Therefore, in your subconscious, you don’t really care about most things. For an example, when you are arguing with someone, you will apologize first because you don’t think that matters. Although this make you look very gentle, but it will also make other people think you are easy to pick on.


Choose B:         This choice, you will not get wet from the rain. If you are arguing with someone, you will apologize first. But you will set aside for a while then pick the right time to explain to the other person your situation at the time, to save that person’s face. You are very implicit, pursuing peace, don’t easily start argument with others. But once the argument started, your stubbornness will be revealed, and that will make the other party very hard to accept.


Choose C:         By choose the umbrella with the bend handle, means you are very stubborn. Even when you are wrong, you will still blame on the other person. But this will make the other person feel wronged. It’s okay for once or twice, but if you are like this every time, your friends and the people who loves you will not be able to accept. But in your mind, you always put yourself first, therefore you do not have any principle when it comes to benefits.


Choose D:       By choose the umbrella with the short handle means you have a bad memory. You can be as angry as you are when you are arguing, but you will totally forget about it right after the fighting! Doesn’t matter what you say, you have a soft heart, you don’t care much, follow your heart! People like you will always live happily under the sun.



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