Are you the vengeful one?

the vengeful one

Are you the vengeful one?


Which kind of fireworks you like the most??


A.    Waterfall-like fireworks

B.    Radial pattern fireworks

C.     Fireworks like many blooming small flowers

D.    Sky full of stars


Test Results:


A.    You have a straightforward person that do things readily. You won’t fuss about small matter happened to you. Even if the matter gone serious, you will treat it as a lesson to learn and remind yourself to be alert to avoid it to be happened again. You like to make friends with people and appreciate the relationship. Many peoples had advised you not to trust people easily, but you don’t listen to them.

B.    You wish to have a clear-cut interest between you and others. It doesn’t mean that you are a realistic person. Instead, it is a good mindset. Conflict will not happen easily if everyone can think in this way. You hate those people who always take advantage on others. Just like those people who escape and pretend like nothing happen when it is the moment to pay the bill.  You might keep yourself away from them.

C.     You are very honest and tend to be bullied. You get used to it and slowly you don’t feel angry about it. In the other word, you think it supposed to be like that way and don’t feel hurt even it is unbearable. People always shift the blame to you because they think you are easy-going and kind. You only endure it silently without defending yourself. However, there are people speak up for you. As a victim, you gained a lot of helps and sympathy from others.

D.    You are a very sensitive person and remember how people offended you. Although you don’t tell anything and look nothing special from your behaviour, but actually, you secretly observe the person and record all his evil doing. You will wait for a good opportunity to tell the whole world about all the bad things he did. You think what you did is upholding the justice. If you can handle thing case by case, surely you will be the righteous man who wait in hope by everyone.


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