How do you think love?

think love

How do you think love?

From kid until now, everyone has different kind of photos. Choose the photo you like to know about your love.

A. Group graduation photo
B. Personal portrait
C. Natural scenery or outdoor activities photo
D. Family photo
E. Photo of your childhood

Test Results:

A. You are a nostalgic person. You like the relationship which is young and pure without any impurities. Such as love in school days. A smile or an eyes expression can make your day.

B. You are quite confident about yourself and you take appearance importantly. You need a relationship that is inequal. You wish your lover admires you like his idol. You won’t open your heart when you are in relationship and you have narcissistic tendencies.

C. You are positive, active and easy going. Similarly, you can get along with your lover in good manner. Even though you think love your lover very much, but you also ask for freedom and your personal time. If he is too bossy, you will choose to give up the relationship, but not lose yourself.

D. You are a mature and caring person. You have strong sense of family, and you are serious in relationship, you hope your another half is a faithful person and be able to be with you for the rest of your life. You play a role of lover like family, this make your lover feel secured and even rely on you. Don’t be too excessive, just moderately.

E. You are a pure and kind person. You feel that being in a relationship is something complicated and troublesome. Even you be in a relationship, you still lack of some maturity. You like to act like a child in front of your lover and he have to treat you like a child that never grows up. You long for the relationship that is simple and pure.


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