Do you have true friend in your life?

true friend

Do you have true friend in your life?

If you are a well-known supermodel and you plan to have a commemorative photo album. Where do you want the cover of this photo album to be shot?


A.    The frozen North Pole

B.     Hot Hawaii

C.     Primitive Africa


Test Results:


A.    You are a real loner. There are only few people in the world you can trust, and your heart is always closed. You always face life alone, regardless it is happy or miserable, you are used to being alone. In your opinion, friendship is a burden, not a happiness.

B.     Friends may be an influencer to one’s life, although friends are not related by blood like family. This makes you cherish your friends very much and manage your relationship with them very carefully. You often care about your friend’s life. If they need your help, you will help them. Even if it is a friend you have not seen in a long time, you will take the initiative to contact them.

C.     You are strict in selection of friends. In your opinion, only people who can get along well with you and sincere enough can be called as friends. You own good interpersonal relationships with peoples from different fields and ages. However, you know who your true friends are. You will devote for your true friends without seeking anything in return.



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