What is your true heart like?

true heart

Sometimes, how people sees you is different from how you truly are. May be you seems positive and healthy from outside, but you might be insecure and depressed with inside. Do you want to know what is your true heart form deep inside of your heart? Take a look of the test below.


Begin the Test:

You saw an artist is drawing for people on the street. You want him to draw a picture for you too. What kind of style would you choose?

A): Sketch

B): Cartoon

C): Oil painting

D): Ink painting


Test Result:

Choose A:         During the daily interacting with people, your friends and colleagues all think you are a good person, easy to talk to. You are always nice to people. But you also have your stubborn side. Sometimes, people can be really surprised of how stubborn you can be.


Choose B:         Your boss and elders think you are an obedient and clever child. But your friends think you are very cheerful and lively. Therefore, what people sees you is actually very different from how you truly are.


Choose C:         People who knows you would say you are like a “monk” because you always seems so quite, so silent. But if you can come across someone who you get along with, you can be very talkative and very willing to share your life experience.


Choose D:       People who knows you think you are a very cheerful person, wouldn’t be troubled by anything, always so happy. But in private, you always think too much. And you don’t have many ideas of your own, you always care too much of what other people think.


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