Will you be controlled by true wealth?

true wealth

You are sure to have spoken about the four major mischief in the history of world literature. He was dressed in a very unwholesome style, but he kept the gold and really became a slave to money. We believe that in reality we must also have similar troubles, but we have not found it. Do the following test to see if you are the one controlled by true wealth? (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:

1)      First time dating lovers, where did you choose?

A) Upscale Western Restaurant (continue to question 3)

B) Korean restaurant (continue to question 2)

C) Traditional Chinese restaurant (continue to question 4)

D) Traditional Chinese restaurant (continue to question 2)

2)      Which of the following shapes do you prefer?

A) Circular (continue to question 4)

B) Triangle (continue to question 3)

C) Quadrilateral (continue to question 5)

3)    Do you think that you have online shopping and you don’t need to shop in a physical store     later?

A) Yes (continue to question 6)

B) No (continue to question 5)

C) Don’t know (continue to question 4)

4)    Do you often use online banking?

A) Yes (continue to question 6)

B) No (continue to question 5)

5)    Assuming you have a lot of money, where do you trust?

A) Bank (continue to question 9)

B) Chamber (continue to question 6)

C) Basement (continue to question 7)

D) Your own safe (continue to question 8)

6)    In the office, you are busy, but one of you most hated people is chattering there. What will    you do?

A) Tell he/she to stop (continue to question 7)

B) Be patience, but very unhappy (continue to question 8)

C) Leave, it upset you by just look at he/she (continue to question 9)

7)    What would you do if you friend lied to you?

A) Face to face exposure (continue to question 9)

B) Endure it (continue to question 8)

C) See what happens and decide what to do (continue to question 10)

8)    What you usually do when going to Walmart?

A) Get a shopping car (continue to question 10)

B) Get a shopping basket (continue to question 9)

C) Just care the stuff by hand (continue to question 11)

9)      Do you usually feel envious or even jealous of those who live in affluence?

A) Yes (continue to question 11)

B) No (continue to question 10)

C) Sometimes (continue to question 12)

10) In your opinion, what is the most intolerable betrayal?

A) Your other half had Affair (continue to question 11)

B) Betray by a friend (continue to question 12)

C) Friend demolition (continue to question 13)

11) Do you really like fashion magazines?

A) Yes (continue to question 13)

B) No (continue to question 12)

C) Sometimes (continue to question 14)

12) You have a plan for everything you do?

A) Yes (continue to question 15)

B) No (continue to question 14)

13) You are quiet outside, but there is something wild inside?

A) Yes (continue to Type G)

B) No (continue to question 15)

C) Don’t know (continue to question 14)

14) If you are allowed to cross back to ancient times, who do you want to be?

A) Princess (continue to Type E)

B) Prince (continue to question 15)

C) Grand general (continue to Type B)

D) Generation great person (continue to Type D)

15) What do you usually think of when flying wild geese?

A) Air plane (continue to Type F)

B) Dream (continue to Type C)

C) Freedom (continue to Type A)

D) Hurt (continue to Type H)

Test Result:

Type A:    Your view of money is that money is helping you achieve your dreams. You can accept the days of poverty, but you cannot accept that you cannot pursue your dreams because you have no money. In fact, you can learn some financial management knowledge, which will help you to better accumulate wealth. Of course, if you always remember your pursuits, your dreams, money will certainly not become the embarrassment of your advance.

Type B:    Your desire for money is strong. You want to use money to block some people and do something, but if your life is in a trough, this control wants to make you a slave to money. Do not think that if you don’t have money, you can’t do anything. Or you need to change your wrong money so that you can’t be left with money. The future will be bright.

Type C:    You are actually taller and a bit contemptuous of those who are pursuing money. However, you should also think about money rationally. Your ideal is too unrealistic and will only cause you to run into the wall. In fact, there is something wrong with money. The wrong person is the money, it is your heart. To pursue your dreams down to earth, you will naturally have a return on your money. Modest use of money, access to money, is the way of a gentleman.

Type D:   You really want to have money. However, chances may not come. Maybe it is because there is no effort to pay for the mountain. Therefore, the money you pursue has never arrived on schedule. In fact, with a peaceful heart, do not force it. Strengthen the ability, the wallet will always bulge.

Type E:    You attach great importance to material enjoyment. And you have the idea of young and timely pleasures. Therefore, you are very likely to become a slave to money. In fact, material enjoyment is temporary. We must consider more for our own life and have long-term plans. Money should not be the full pursuit of our life.

Type F:    Money is a love and hate for you. You are very realistic, very much worship gold, the pursuit of material. At the same time, you also have a certain amount of hatred and psychology, and the mentality is very problematic. You complain that your life is not good, and you cannot always live an ideal life. In fact, you still don’t work hard down to earth. I don’t have a correct understanding of myself from my mentality and actions. This will hurt you. Need to adjust in time.

Type G:   You cannot be controlled by money at all. You have strong ideas and determination. Even if you have no money, you will not be discouraged. Your status is good, always preparing for the future, and it will open the door for you in the future. You know that God of Wealth has finally paid attention to you who are hardworking and diligent.

Type H:   You think that money is almost impossible to imagine. If you don’t have money, you’ll fall into mental stress. The strange thing is that when you have money, your fork is starting to lavish and you never want to lose money. In fact, you should be rational, think about the hardships of making money, and you will converge a lot when you spend.


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