To know your working types of attitude

types of attitude

To know your working types of attitude

As a love believer, what would you willing to sacrifice to get the taste of love?

A. Decrease your life span
B. Become fool
C. Living a poor life
D. Being isolated from friends and family

Test Results:

A. You wish your life is full of surprise. You hope yourself can be a blooming flower, but not a wilting flower. Same thing goes to your career. Job position and benefit are not the things you most emphasize. Instead, you wish to work freely without restriction and test your ability and stamina. You can’t endure it if you couldn’t gain a stage to perform or you are not the centre of attention. Definitely you will shift to another field to start a new life there.

B. In your career, you are willing to do everything. You are enthusiasm in your job, but you need to keep this attitude until you gain compliment from your superior. If you feel that you gain no compliment form others, slowly, you will become lazy. You find it is hard to work hard like previously because there are no eyes focus on you anymore. This make you become low productivity.

C. You care the most benefits and rights in your career. Such as salary and bonus are your basic requirements that should not be less than others. Flexible working time or holiday allocation are also something you care. This is because you think that working is a way to earn living, but if the benefits given are reduced, it means that your boss is owing you something. This will reduce your working momentum and make you feel lazy.

D. You are lack of sense of security. Maybe it is caused by your unhappy childhood or unpleasant life experience. If your current job cannot satisfy you or let you feel insecure, you will always come out with the idea to quit the job. One little thing will distract your mood and stop you from staying concentrate.


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