Do you like telling varied types of lies?

types of lies

Do you like telling varied types of lies?

In the magical world, there is a terrible tree. It has a big mouth that can swallow people down. What do you think it does to attract people to it?


A.    Attract people with beautiful songs

B.     Imitate a lover’s voice to attract people

C.     Give off an attractive scent to attract people

D.    With the birds flying around it

E.     Doing nothing but quietly waiting for the curious people to come


Test Results:


A.    You like to exaggerate things. When others don’t know about the truth, it brings no harm to you. But when things are known by others, others will misunderstand you because of what you had told before.

B.    You are a very good in lying because you are lying with a serious attitude. Because of your lying skill, people often deceived. However, if you are not careful and the truth is exposed, it will cause people to doubt you.

C.     You are not good in telling lie. You will be seen through if you are trying to lie. So, this makes you feel like you are a real and reliable person. They might even think you are adorable

D.    You like to make excuses when you lie, and then push the problem on someone else. You know very well how to shift the blame to others. At the same time, your situation will be very unfavourable is you are challenged face to face.

E.     You hate telling lie. You will either telling nothing or telling truth. You really hate being cheated. But sometimes it hurts when you speak too directly.


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