Can you resist the money types of temptation?

types of temptation

One of the most difficult temptations in the world is definitely the temptation of money. Can you resist the money types of temptation? How immune are you to the temptation of money? Please see the next question.


Begin the Test:

If you disguise yourself, what part of your face would you most want to strengthen?

A) Face, let his face look more alive

B) Mouth color

C) The feeling of the nose

D) Eyes


Test Result:

Choose A:       You are a very principled person, so any temptation of money is useless to you. You have a sunny side of character. You think money is important, but dignity is more important, so anything that makes you feel dignity or face money is absolutely not what you do.


Choose B:       If you are afraid of being cheated, you will be more alert to the temptation of money and carefully evaluate it. You may have done something in the past. You have learned to calm down from previous lessons. Plus, you are very cautious about doing things. When someone deceives you, you will be more vigilant.


Choose C:       As long as it is a legitimate way to make money, you will want to try it. You think the work is very important. Making money is also very important. You are hard-working. As long as you have legitimate financial opportunities, no matter how hard you work hard.


Choose D:       You belong to the type of money eye open, you do not want to see the pie falling in the sky. You think it’s immoral to not make money, so you can’t resist the temptation of money.


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