Measure what types of villains you are hiding around

types of villains

In the past, every new year, the family would put a new insole on the child, saying that in order to put the villain under his feet in the new year, he would be safe and smooth this year. In life, it is inevitable that we will encounter some villains and let us have headaches. Test to see what types of villains you are hiding around.

Begin the Test:

If you are a writer now, what kind of writer would you like to be?
A) Write poetry and prose
B) Best-selling novelist
C) Beautiful writer
D) Very creative free writer

Test Result:

Choose A:      You must be careful of women or men who look very pure and innocent. You may think that they are very good and simple, and thus they are in love with you. But in reality, they are totally different from what you think. When you are in conflict with their interests, they will do something about you. Moreover, they have long been known to you, want to step on you, is simply an easy thing.

Choose B:      You must be careful of those who are very smart. Your heart is simple, there is no chance, it is easy to be used by some very smart people. They will treat you as a stepping stone and let you give them back. Moreover, if you are sold by others, you will also help a lot of money. When you meet you, they laugh in the bottom of your heart, but you do not know it.

Choose C:      Must be careful beauty or handsome guy. Maybe you don’t have confidence in your external appearance. When you meet a beautiful woman or a handsome guy, you will feel unconsciously feel low self-esteem, and you will feel powerless to do things. And those guys who look good are usually competitors in your work and study. When you come across them, your confidence is a lot weaker. I suggest you, or do not go too close to them.

Choose D:      You still have to be careful of young people who are extremely aggressive in their behavior and pursue extreme freedom. You are very embarrassed. You can’t read them. You always say a few words. However, they are also very disliked by you. If you offend them, you will have no good days. Their retribution is very mean. Taking into account such serious consequences, I suggest you stay away from them.


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