Test whether you have balanced or unbalanced relationship

unbalanced relationship

When we come home from work, we always take off our shoes at the door. However, perhaps you don’t know that the way you put your shoes off can reflect whether or not you have balanced or unbalanced relationship. Let’s take this test and find out.

Begin the Test:

How do you usually put your shoes after take off?
A) Point the tip of the shoe towards the entrance
B) Turn the tip of the shoe against the entrance
C) Casually
D) Your spouse take off your shoes for you

Test Result:

Choose A:      You are very ethical and have a principle for doing things. However, everything is perfect, affecting people around you. You always suppress emotions and respect rules. This makes many people have opinions about you and think you are too rigid. You may be defending others, so you can’t fall in front of people. In fact, if you relax a little, others will change your impression.

Choose B:      You are very strategic about what you do. Therefore, it is always possible to balance various relationships well. From the point of view of life, your ability to do things is strong, and consider the issue is very comprehensive. This makes you think you are credible, and you are so popular.

Choose C:      You are more self-centered and do not think about others. After all, people are members of society. We must consider issues from the perspective of others, think more about the difficulties of others, and be considerate to others. Your interpersonal communication will be smoother.

Choose D:      You are simply too capricious, and you are completely spoiled. You pay more attention to others and think more about your own deficiencies in order to gain a foothold in society. Otherwise, there are no friends around you, unless friends can tolerate your willfulness and impulse.


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