To know how unreasonable you are


To know how unreasonable you are

You were alone in Africa which is difficult to communicate with the local people. You were thirst to death and you saw an old woman was selling water there. What would you do?

A.    Using hand gestures

B.    Show your intention through drawing

C.     Look for someone to help you

D.    Just let it be and bear the thirst

E.     Doing hand gesture while talking

Test Results:

A.    If you are having conflict with someone, you will refuse to talk with that person. You will just pretend like nothing happen and don’t care about him, or you will break things to vent your anger. Why don’t you just release your anger in one go, rather than showing your sullen face every day to make the people around you feel uncomfortable.

B.    You are clever where you will hide your anger when someone provoked you. Once you had enough, you will outburst to the person who offended you to show that you are not vulnerable. People around you will be shocked by your sudden outburst.

C.     When you face something bad, you will only face it by your own. When you cannot bear it for any longer, you will either hurt yourself or hurt others. Subconsciously you have the tendency to self-injury, which is the way to escape from the problem. Your anti-stress ability is low whereby you feel difficult to stand for the problem even though it might only a small matter. It is not worth at all to let all this problem to hurt yourself.

D.    You have a bad tongue where you often use language violence to hurt the people you don’t like. You often speak hard to the person when you found any weaknesses. If you keep this kind of attitude, it brings no benefits to you although you are a soft-hearted person.

E.     Usually, you are a gentle person and you will try your best to hide your emotion. You will only let out your emotion when you cannot bear it for any longer. The only difference of you with the type B person is, type B person is very sly that they wait for an appropriate opportunity to let out their anger. But you will only outburst it when you couldn’t stand for it anymore, even yourself wouldn’t know when it will be.


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