How do you get over your valley life?

valley life

There are good and bad moments in your life. When at the valley life moment, some people will have lost all hope and give up; some will not give up and work hard to come out from it, and grow up. Which kind person are you? Let’s take a look.


Begin the Test:

In a sowing winter, a boy and a girl stand on the street, look like they break up. After a while, the girl start crying. What do you think will happen next?

A) The girl let go of the boy’s hand, said “goodbye” and then run off crying

B) The boy let go of the girl’s hand, said “I’m leaving, take care” and left without a doubt, left the girl staring at his back with tears

C) The both let go of each other at the same time, calmly said goodbye, and walked opposite direction


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your personality is never give up, so even at the rock bottom, you will still work hard to get out of it. Actually, there are a lot of preparations you can do now, increase your abilities, make more friends, then when you are at the rock bottom, there are friends to help you and cheer you up!


Choose B:      The rock bottom moment is your growth period, you used to be at the top, now feels desolation. When you are at the rock bottom, you will agree more with the world, start to be more understanding. You grow a lot at the rock bottom moment. You will be a lot more successful after that.


Choose C:      You know how to introspect of yourself, at the rock bottom moment, you will question yourself, think quickly, and find out why this happened, then learn from it, and then easy your heart. You know there are always going to be rock bottom moment, to learn something from those moments, is the most important thing.


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