Know your personality from the way you view tv

view tv

Know your personality from the way you view tv

Which one of the following accords with your actual condition the most?


A.    Like to eat snacks when watching television

B.    Have a regular time to watch television

C.     Like to watch news or documentary

D.    Like to watch comedy or performance show


Test Results:


A.    You are a happy go lucky person who always trusts to luck. You are kind to everyone and you only see the bright side of things. Longing for a carefree and easy life.

B.    All of your things are well organized. You are polite and generous person who is also reliable to be relied on.

C.     You know everything well. With strong curiosity, you love to take part in every event and dislike being a bystander. Having ability to analyse things and communicate well too.

D.    You often make good use of your free time. You are a humorous person and able to balance your life. At the same time, you enjoy your family life.


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