Can you turn defeat into vitory?


Can you turn defeat into vitory?

It is difficult that we need to struggle with different desires. There are four kinds of desires, which kind of desire you can’t resist the most?

A. Sexual desire
B. Appetite
C. Material desire
D. Sleeping desire

Test Results:

A. Life is challenging. For you, failure is the chance for you to success. Thus, you will not be defeated by failure, but it motivates you to move further. Your endurance is your strength and aggressive personality is your weapon to success.

B. You know the importance to adjust yourself. When you are facing failure, you will stop for a while, and find out the reason of the failure, then plan a new strategy again. At the same time, you take the chance to adjust your mind and body condition. Until the right timing, you will move further.

C. Once you get a new right target and be on the right path, you have the chance to gain vitory. Although everyone might face failure, but you treat failure in a peace way and not be defeated. If you think that the target is very important to you, you will try your best to achieve it.

D. Perhaps you get yourself a good reason to persuade yourself to shift to another field. This is because the failure makes you think that you are not suitable to perform in the field. This might be the turning point in your life, maybe you can find a new path that is suitable for you. But unfortunately, your previous efforts are wasted.


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