Know your inner world through the way you wait lift

wait lift

Know your inner world through the way you wait lift

Normally, people would not keep standing straight when waiting in front the life. Different people will have different reaction, and there are secrets hiding behind all these reactions. What is your habit?


A.    Walk back and forth in front of the lift or stamp the ground unconsciously

B.    Could not stop pressing the lift button

C.     Look at the number of the indicator attentively, go in straight whenever the door is open, totally not aware of what is happening around

D.    Look down the floor

E.     Look around or look up to the ceiling unconsciously


Test Results:


A.    If you chose this answer, you might be a sensitive person and a little neurotic. You have a rich inner world and you are confident with your intuition and judgement. In real life, you are a bit sentimental. You might have some achievement in art because you will try your best to perform if you are talented in art.

B.    You can’t stop yourself from pressing the lift button, maybe you are an inpatient person. You emphasize on efficiency and time management. Everybody think that you are an easy-going and friendly person. In truth, you often are emotional and sometimes you might be self-centred. Once you had decided something, you might ignore the people and things around you. At the same time, your mood will be influenced easily by some external distractions.

C.     By choosing this answer, it shows that you are a rational, stable and cautious person. You dislike taking part in other’s affairs and try to avoid yourself from all those troubles. This may make you seems like an apathy person. You are well organized thus you are trusted by the people around you especially the elderly. However, you might dislike doing something you not confident to handle.

D.    They might look quiet and seems don’t like to express their opinion. In fact, they are usually kind, sincere, honest and easy to trust people. Thus, they are popular among the people around them and less likely to having conflict with others. Their problem is that they are not good in rejecting; sometimes they are lack of principles too.

E.     They tend to be strong in self-defence. It is difficult for them to show their inner world to the others. However, they have a lot of strengths, such as strong desire to seek for knowledge and having better achievement. In terms of interpersonal relationship, they tend to have less friends but with better quality friendship. Their social circle is not wide, thus it is easier for them to develop deep friendship.


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