Let’s test the way we think

we think

Everyone has a different way to think and to resolve a particular matter. That’s because our logical system is built differently and that makes us view matter differently. Let’s test the way we think.


Begin the Test:

You’re going to a restaurant to eat, the waitress is constantly talking about a murder happened at that restaurant. Where do you think that murder happened in this restaurant?

A): In the restroom

B): In front of the restaurant’s entrance

C): At the set

D): In the kitchen


Test Result:

Choose A:         You think like a detective, your mind is very logical, and you think very careful. You usually think of many details. Your opinion is important to others and accepted. Even if there are people have a different opinion of yours, you will still insist on your opinion. You think you are right, so you are willing to wait for the time to prove it, you believe that people will eventually agree with you. And usually you’re proved right. But it takes a while for you to think.


Choose B:         The way you think is very silly, your thoughts are very naive and straightforward. Normally, people don’t think your opinion is very creative, and a you are normally a listener just listen to what other people has to say. And because of that everybody thinks you’re a good friend and the they think you are easy to get along with.


Choose C:         You think like a normal person, very close to the reality. You are a very traditional person, therefore it make you very nervous if somebody did something extraordinary and you will think that person was wrong or you think that person should be punished. There’s a scale in your heart measuring everything in this world. You have a principal of everything you do your life is very disciplined.


Choose D:         You think like a pig, your thoughts are often too extreme and a strange. There are people might appreciate thoughts, but they can’t agree with it because your thoughts are too weird. Of course, you will not be effected by it, you do thing the way they are, thinking everyone has the right to express their opinion.



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