What is weakness of a person?

weakness of a person

Everyone has their own weaknesses,but it’s not scary,as long as we work hard to face it, try to change, and we can overcome our own weaknesses.Please take the test below,to help you find what is weakness of a person,in order to correct in time.

Begin the Test:

If one day , you met the God in the world. And you ask God to fulfill a wish, which wish will you choose?

A): To make your appearance extremely attractive.

B): To have a lot of like-minded friends

C): Make yourself be a rich man.

D): Let oneself have a bosom friend.

E): Let oneself have a skill.

Test Result:

Choose A:  You care a lot about your appearance,that means, your biggest weakness is that you care too much about what the others thinks of you and what people say about you.Other people’s opinions are important, but more important are their own ideas and judgment.Believe yourself, your life will be wider.

Choose B:  You always feel lonely and empty,And always close your heart.In fact, try to open your heart, get close to others, and release yourself,you’ll be happier and easier.

Choose C:  You are a shy person who is not good at expressing yourself in crowded places.Especially in big parties, you always feel overwhelmed.An introverted personality will make you miss a lot of precious things.

Choose D:  Choose be a rich man,that means your biggest weakness is greed.Because you always pay attention to money, so you often suffer a lot of losses. And,if you pursue money as your goal, you will live very tired。

Choose E:  Hope to have a skill,which means you’re an extroverted person.You have a wide range of hobbies, but you also tend to be fickleness,can’t concentrate on one thing.You’re good at communication, but have difficulty on learning.You biggest weakness is unable to concentrate.Pay attention to cultivating your endurance,this will benefit you a lot.


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