Do you have the ability to identify wealthy men?

wealthy men

As the world develop so fast, more and more people can earn money in a short time. Such as some people are not handsome, but they are wealthy men. Therefore, do you have the ability to identify the rich? Let’s find out with the test below. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)


Begin the Test:

1)      You think men should be born to make money to support their families?

A) Yes (continue to question 2)

B) No (continue to question 3)


2)      You can’t always touch the right person, it’s either someone doesn’t like you, or you don’t like others?

A) Yes (continue to question 5)

B) No (continue to question 6)


3)    When you meet an excellent other half, you always feel that he/she is a bit unreliable?

A) Yes (continue to question 6)

B) No (continue to question 4)


4)    You just started to fall in love, but he/she said everything he/she had in the past, and you      would think that he/she is not reliable?

A) Yes (continue to question 7)

B) No (continue to question 6)


5)    You think that love at first sight usually happens to good-looking people?

A) Yes (continue to question 7)

B) No (continue to question 8)


6)    If you need to, you will sacrifice yourself and fulfill the other half?

A) Yes (continue to type D)

B) No (continue to question 8)


7)    You hate direct conflict with people?

A) Yes (continue to type C)

B) No (continue to type B)


8)    You are looking forward to the future of marriage, hoping that your child is a boy?

A) Yes (continue to type C)

B) No (continue to type A)



Test Result:

Type A:   You do not use appearance to judge whether a person has money. You know, generally rich people are very low-key. You think that the rich are all ordinary people, but they are not ordinary people. Your judgment is inevitably biased, because it is very likely that these wealthy rich people will also be very stylish.


Type B:   You usually recognize rich people from talking. You are used to looking for clues from the other person’s conversation. For example, his knowledge, his ability, his work, etc. You will not be able to ask, but after you understand all these conditions, it is easy for the person who is rich to judge. I have to say that you are really observant and you are very alert.


Type C:   You think that the rich have a certain circle of life. The people from whom they associate can identify him. In your opinion, the rich have seen the world and their demeanor has been decent. From their words and deportment, they can roughly judge whether they are rich. Of course, your generous personality and good affinity also allow you to quickly integrate into their circle of friends to more accurately determine their identities.


Type D:   You pay great attention to fashion and are well aware of many brands. Therefore, even if the wealthy people wear jewelry, watches, and cars, you will know it even if you are low-key. If the other party is always on the phone and has a lot of entertainment and busy business, you can quickly judge such people, either celebrities or dignitaries.


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