Know which kind of person you are from the way you wear ring

wear ring

Which finger do you like to wear ring on?

A. Right thumb
B. Right middle finger
C. Right index finger
D. Right ring finger
E. Right little right
F. Left thumb
G. Left middle finger
H. Left index finger
I. Left ring finger
J. Left little right
K. Don’t wear ring at all

Test Results:

A. You are confident with yourself, arrogant, disobedient, self-centred and not willing to listen to other’s opinion. You won’t care even if you did wrong.

B. You are an idealist and have your own opinion toward everything. You don’t care about taste and emotion. What you care is to accomplish the task and meet the target. You have strong sense of mission to complete the task patiently, even though it is a voluntary work.

C. You are good in competing with others to fight for something. This make you be able to gain achievement in your business and career compare to others. You don’t care about the criticism from others. You will do whatever things in order to achieve your goal.

D. Seems like you have endless job to do, and endless topic to share. You enjoy yourself very much in this busy life. You always feel frustrated because you are the main character to handle a lot of tasks, but at the same time, you need to act as a supporting role to cooperate and match with others. This make you lose your mind and don’t know what to do.

E. You are a very kind person. You like something mysterious, philosophy and mathematics are your best skill. If you are given chance, you will like to explore numerology as you are interested in physiognomy and horoscope. You are friendly and always praise others. You are suitable to live in small family and small organisation, big family and big organisation with complicated interpersonal relationship does not suit you well.

F. You like to be supported and respected. Just like some politician, everyone is considered as good person if they can vote for you and support you. You won’t pay out your feelings easily, but you will share your glorious achievement everyone. You are a good leader to serve the people and solve their problems.

G. You take your appearance importantly. You not only dress nicely, you also behave friendly and meekly. You are wiling to put effort for your friendship. You are the key man among your friends and respected by your friends. At the same time, you also have strong self-esteem.

H. You work really hard. You don’t mind spending time and effort to do something you interested in. You tend to abandon the old things for the new one, you feel boring about the outdated clothes. You like to eliminate those useless old things, because you want to show that you are always efficient. You don’t need anything fancy, instead, what you need is something with good quality, durable and sense of design.

I. You are a homebody and longing for a stable and peace family with family members who support each other. Every members of a family have their own obligations and responsibilities. You are steady and stable enough to take care of the weak and elderly in your family. Besides that, you can also get along well with the youngster in your family. In short, you can handle both family and career.

J. You are a selfish and arrogant person, and always seems to be outstanding. You are respected and admired by others because you are bold and well-informed. You wish to be outstanding from the others, thus, you always seek for your talent. You will also keep moving and work hard to gain the compliment from others. You are interested to numerology to protect yourself.

K. If you dislike wearing ring, it means that since you were young, you dislike being restricted and wanted to decide everything on your own. You only want to do the things you like, and dislike being distracted by others. It is better for you to live freely rather than the life full of changes or with many difficult goals.


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