Know your confidence from wearing clothes

wearing clothes

Know your confidence from wearing clothes

It is the end of the season to tidy up your closet. What style of clothes do you have the most in your closet?


A.    The latest fashion

B.    Bright colors or fancy style clothing

C.     Loose shirt or T-shirt

D.    Plain colour, simple style clothing


Test Results:


A.    You are the kind of person who looks confident, but actually not. You are very afraid that others will realise your lack of confidence, so you will follow whatever is trending now. But you ended up with embarrassment due to the lack of understanding of the trend.  You should work harder to develop relationships with others.

B.    Although it may seem like you have a strong desire to perform, but you did not want to. Your appearance is just to hide your insecurities. You are a sensitive person that might overreact to anything. So, you have to pretend like you don’t care to make you feel safe.

C.     You seem easy-going, but in fact, you are a very stubborn person. Your heart is closed and shy, and indifferent is the natural response you use to hide fear of crowd contact.

D.    You are a confident person, as long as you stick to one idea, no one can shake you. This does not mean you are a stubborn person. Instead, you enjoy listening to others opinion.


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