Test the weight of money in your mind?

weight of money

Don’t be sick, and do have any money. Some people look at money, but they don’t want to admit it. Some people see money as dirt.What about you? Test the weight of money in your mind? Do the following test.


Begin the Test:

You are going to buy a teapot. What style will you choose?

  1. Very fashionable and modern teapot.
  2. A quaint teapot.
  3. A brightly colored teapot.eating


Test Result:

Choose A: you are very concerned about money.But when the ideal conflicts with money, you will give up the pursuit of money for your own ideal.You wish for a little more money.You can buy more fresh stuff, and you’ll make money for that purpose.However.You’re smart, too, and you know how to control your spending in moderation.Don’t burden yourself.Finally, you will become a rational person, face the money wisely, and pursue your goals wisely.


Choose B first of all, because you are very insecure, you want to have a lot of money.Secondly, you are kind and thoughtful and don’t want to throw away old things at will, so you don’t spend much money on new things.In the end, you value your friends, have lots of parties, and spend a lot of money.So you’re still trying to make money.In the eyes of friends, you are a person who absolutely loves money.


Choose C You need money.You like to dress up for yourself, and you’d rather save money in other ways than dress up.The desire to appear in front of others will force you to make money.


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