What are your strengths?

what are your strengths

What are your strengths?

Are you confident? Do you know which part of you is superior to others? Are you making good use of your strength to develop yourself? Run the test immediately to know the hidden strength of yours.

Trains and bus are the main transportation method in the city. For sure you had ride trains or bus before no matter you are student or office worker. If there is no place for you to sit, what would be the way for you to hold the handle?


A.    Hold the handle tightly with five fingers on one hand

B.    Both hands hold a handle each

C.     Hold the handle with three or four fingers on one hand

D.    Hold the steel pole instead of the handle


Test Results:


A.    You are good in reasoning and analysing. You have a clear mind to make accurate judgement. You are rational and plan things well to achieve your target. You look cool from exterior, seems like difficult to approach. In fact, you are kind to help others and try hard to help others to live well.

B.    You are ambitious and having fantasy of beautiful things. But you are lack of plans when it comes to execution. Most of the time you only stay in your imagination without any actions.

C.     Most of them are female who holding the handle in this way. If you are a male, it means that you are a gentle and thoughtful person. You can feel what others feel and willing to help them out. You are good in handle tedious task that need lot of patient.

D.    If you are not having a tall figure, then you are an optimistic and decisive person. You are generous and easy-going. You are neutral and easy to be the big brother or sister among people by showing a trustable image.



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