what kind of girlfriend are you?

what kind of girlfriend are you

what kind of girlfriend are you?

You must have ridden someone else’s motorcycle before? Think about it. How did you put your hands?


A.    Hand on the back handle

B.    Hand on the front man’s waist

C.     Put your hand on your lap or don’t hold it

D.    Hold the person in front of you tightly with your hands


Test Results:


A.    You are an independent woman. You have a cool head and excellent judgment. Whatever you do, you can handle it well. You should be a high-profile strong woman. You don’t rely much on others and you can see things rationally. Although you don’t look gentle, but you are very committed to relationship and career. Your partner and co-workers appreciate you very much.

B.    You look like an independent girl, but you are a very vulnerable and sensitive girl at heart. You are eager to find a man you can trust. But the fact is let you down. In this lonely life, you have learned to rely on yourself. But your weak heart will never be satisfied

C.     You don’t like to rely on others, and you don’t like to be relied by your colleagues or lovers. So, you are a loner and don’t like to socialize too much. For lover, you don’t like being told that you rely on him. This make you often keep a distance away from him. You have your own ideas, but your personality is too impatient. Although people are willing to make friend with you, but you will not have true friends. Your partner appreciates your independence and he is comfortable to be with you. It is just that he often feels insecure about you.

D.    You are very dependent on others. At work, you are afraid of taking on too much responsibility. Especially if you need to be on your own, you will be nervous. Once you have a lover, you will always rely on him and lose your independence completely. But, if you just rely on him, how do you deal with it in case there is an accident? Thus, believe in yourself that you can do what others can do.


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