What kind of person you are?

What kind of

What kind of person you are?

If your friend were just come back from travel, he brought you 12 banknotes from different countries. If you were asked to choose one of them to be a gift to you, which one would you choose regardless the value of it?


A.    Australia

B.    Canada

C.     Russia

D.    Iceland

E.     Japan

F.     Korea

G.    Senegal

H.    Panama

I.      Cuba

J.      Saudi Arabia


Test Results:


A.    You are an emotional person; you will be agitated by the action of your lover and become unreasonable.

B.    You are a vindictive person with an unforgiving temper. In front of the people you are familiar with, you tend to be friendly. When you are facing your rival in love, you will seem to be ready to fight.

C.     You are qualified to be a bad woman. You will do something to your lover if you found he did something wrong.

D.    You are not a person who always jealous. You will try your very best to do your part. You are strong-minded and an independent person.

E.     In the eyes of your lover, you are tame like a sheep. You will tolerate and forgive as much as you can. Sometimes, you tolerate until you touch your bottom line.

F.     If your friend purposely shows off in front of you, you will fight with them.

G.    You are kind to everyone, and you like to help others. Peoples willing to be your friends because of your forthright character.

H.    Once you see your friends are doing well in their relationship, you will feel angry and don’t want to fall behind them.

I.      In a relationship, you often be extremely suspicious. You are very possessive that you always want to know where your lover is.

J.      You show a friendly character in front of your ordinary friends. But in front of your lover, you tend to be creative.


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