What are you fear most when I grow old?

when I grow old

Getting old is everyone’s destiny because everyone will get old at one day, and we all have something we just can’t let it go. The test below will show what are we afraid most when I grow old. let’s test to see the result in your heart.


Begin the Test:

If you have a good friend who is very rich, he tells you that you can move into his mansion before he dies. But after move in, you discover there’s something wrong, what do you think it is?

A) There are something in the storage room on the second floor

B) You think something’s wrong with the basement

C) There is a door that can’t open

D) The window in the bathroom is very small


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are always afraid that you will have the Alzheimer’s disease. Do you have any family members that has Alzheimer’s disease? It is said that by decreasing the amount of meat you eat can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, eat more vegetables, try to have a healthy body.


Choose B:      You are afraid that you can’t have any sexual activities when you get old. You value sex, so you are worried about this. Medically speaking, old people still have the ability for sex, as long as you still have the “sexual interest”


Choose C:      You are afraid you still have to worry about the children when you get old. Your worries might be caused by your family environment when you grow up, your childhood affects you, so you are always worried.


Choose D:      You are afraid when you get old you will lose your vision and hearing. Maybe there are some problems with your vision and hearing now, or maybe it’s inherited, so you are worried.


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