Why am i so forgetful?

Why am i so forgetful

Why am i so forgetful?

After final exam, you and your friend go for camping at outskirt area. Unexpectedly, you realise that you have forgot about something. What would you think that thing is?


A.    Snack

B.    Toothbrush

C.     Umbrella

D.    Mobile phone


Test Results:


A.    You like people to please you and you are impatient when interacting with others and you would not responsible to the mistake you made. Actually, you are a thoughtful and attentive person whereby you do things neatly and tidily with your heart and soul.

B.    You know the surrounding very well; sometimes you are hypocritical because you often think deeply before you talk something. To prove that you are right, you will speak plausibly and volubly.

C.     You care about others very much. You look brave, instead, there is fear hidden deep inside you. You love share the mistake you had make before. When others think that it is not your fault, you will tell them you can do it better actually.

D.    Obviously, you have a strong desire to win, but you refuse to admit it and hide the character of yours. When you are competing with others, you will not use violence to attack others except language violence. You never want to admit it, but you really make your friends feel offended.



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