What is your winning formula

winning formula

If you want to success in your career, you must have some method to achieve it. Let’s see what is your winning formula?

If there is a ghost inside a lift, which situation you scare the most?

A. The ghost stands beside you
B. Image of ghost in the mirror
C. The yelling of ghost inside the lift
D. The movement of the lift is uncontrollable

Test Results:

A. You need to learn more, do more and work really hard to success. This kind of person is quite childish and simple. The most importantly, they like to talk and share with others everything happens in their workplace. This will make people think that they like to complain.

B. You need to take initiative to grab the chance to perform. This kind of person is very polite and modest, they think that it is good enough to do their own part. They dislike competing with others and they will stand firm on their job position. This kind of person is advised to fight for more chance to perform and get more attention from others.

C. You need to interact more to other people to let other know more about you in order to success. This kind of person is quite and only work hard. If you want to gain attention from other people, you should interact more with your superior or your colleagues.

D. You need to enhance your professional skills and soft skills to success. This is because this kind of person need to have a good basic for their professionalism. Besides that, other soft skills such as communication skill need to be improved because opportunity is only for those who are well prepared.


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