How is your work performance in your workplace?

work performance

How is your work performance in your workplace?

You are an invisible man who can move freely without knowing by others what you are doing and what you are thinking. With this magical power, what would you like to do?

A. Steal some valuables
B. Do bad things all around
C. Approach closer to the person you admire
D. Do some harmless prank

Test Results:

A. You are ambitious and hope to gain wealth and fame. Every boss has the same attempt too. However, if you are talented, your boss will not treat you unfairly. What you need to do is to perform as well as you can so you have the chance to bargain. At the same time, don’t be too arrogant as your boss might cut you down to size.

B. You hate to be wronged, thus you will complaint if you found out you were treated unfairly. However, you will try to figure out your superior’s personalities to decide whether to complain or not. Sometimes, you know that it is better to keep quiet and perform well first before fight for your rights in right timing.

C. You are a bit greedy, but only within the reasonable limit. Usually, you will control your own desire although you feel unfair. You respect and obey to the power of your superior and hope for justice silently. You believe that eventually people will appreciate your contribution and value as long as you keep working hard.

D. You will never take part in the conflict in your workplace because you don’t care about it. You always keep yourself out of the affair in the workplace because you dislike the competition among personnel. You rather do your own part to secure your job than get involved in those competition. It depends on your superior to decide whether to get you a promotion.


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