What is your work style

work style

What is your work style

Fifteen years ago, you were separated from your lover. Before leaving, she (he) said: “See you at our usual place after fifteen years!” Fifteen years has passed, and it is the day, but you forgot about the location of the usual place. You can only figure out there are four places that are possible to be the usual place. Which place you would you think is the usual place?

A. Railway station
B. Entrance of the shopping mall
C. Coffee shop
D. Gallery

Test Results:

A. You are the person who always change your principle depends on the circumstances. You are doubled-face and not sincere.

B. You had been ups and downs in your life, so you are good in saving money. You have fighting spirit to keep fighting although you face failure. Surely you can achievement something.

C. You work hard just like the ancient people. Only hard work style without any skill is not working in the society today. Same thing goes to love. You might end up with failure if you only work hard.

D. You are the person that keep your words. You are optimistic and won’t compromise to wealth and fame. Great! You will success one day.


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