Let’s take a workaholic test

workaholic test

Workaholics seem to be born for work. They work day and night, worked diligently, and finally drove them off. Are you such a person? Let’s take this workaholic test and find out.


Begin the Test:

You are the boss of a big business. The secretary around is beautiful and young. So. What is your opinion on her work clothes?

A) Conservative and dignified suit

B) Lean figure dress

C) Uniform

D) Whatever


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are a complete workaholic. However, the impression you usually give is very free and sloppy. As soon as you start working, you will show great energy. And you are rigorous and meticulous about your work. No one wants to be lazy or sloppy to deal with you.


Choose B:      You can be a workaholic at work. Why do you say that? You do show strength and eye-catching in your work, but in private rest time, you are quite relaxed and comfortable. You hate mixing work and life. You emphasize the mood of life and do not influence your life for work.


Choose C:      Whether you are a workaholic or not depends on the nature of your job and your interest in the job. Basically, you are very capable of planning. If you are planning a class job, you do it seriously and it is perfect. But if it is not your favorite job, then you will completely ignore it and finish it very badly.


Choose D:      You are not a workaholic. You think that work is only a means of earning a living. It is not all the fun and meaning of life. Of course, this does not mean that you will be able to cope with the work. In fact, you will do well within the matter. However, if someone wants to use your private time to make you work overtime, you will be mad.


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