What impression does your look make on others?

your look

What impression does your look make on others?

Test: If you are a lonely old person who looking for partner, what club would you join?

A.    Chang Qing native dance club

B.     Chang Qing native mahjong club

C.     Chang Qing native drama club

D.    Chang Qing mountain climbing club


Test Result:

A.    This type of person will make people think that they are very obedient, honest and easy going at the first sight. After getting along with them for a long time, you will realize that they have a lot of principle and persistence that definitely couldn’t be broken. It is different from their first impression.

B.     They seemed dignified at the first sight. However, after you get along with them privately, you will realize they kind just like brothers and sisters from next door. They act gentle and delicate like a woman in front of their spouse. They have gentle and understanding side although they look strong in the first impression.

C.     This type of person seems easy to get, but actually they are not. If you really want to chase after them, you must be good looking and gentle as they are very picky.

D.    They look lecherous, but they are shy deep inside.


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